Pioneer in commercial cleaning field
Company vision

Provide customers with the most perfect products and services, and provide employees with the happiest work and life,

Contribute to the harmonious progress of human society.

Management philosophy

As a person, what is right

Company mission

Clean all dirt, pursue your health and create a better life

Corporate strategy

Based on China's intelligent manufacturing, achieve a world brand

Work philosophy

Give no less effort than anyone 

and do the right thing in the right way

Company vision
Management philosophy
Company mission
Corporate strategy
Work philosophy
Our advantages
Our advantages are professionals

Talents are the first resource of the enterprise. Shenying technology regards relying on talents as the basic premise of enterprise production, respecting talents as the fundamental criterion of enterprise development, and cultivating talents as the core strategy of enterprise prosperity.

People oriented win in the team

Shenying technology always adheres to the value of "people-oriented and heart-oriented", the enterprise develops in the contribution of employees, and employees grow in the care of the enterprise. The company attaches importance to team building. A vibrant team is the cornerstone of enterprise development. We live for the cleaning cause and fight for Shenying technology.

Focus on R & D and build a brand

At the beginning of its establishment, the company established the development strategy of "focusing on product technology and customer service". Shenying technology insisted on technical exchange with foreign advanced enterprises and scientific research project cooperation with domestic colleges and universities, with remarkable achievements, and has successively obtained more than 50 national patents.

Re manufacturing creates quality

Equipment is hardware and management is software. Shenying technology introduces international advanced production equipment. From design to production, products are in strict accordance with international standards and relevant national regulations, and 5S on-site management is strictly implemented to ensure the intelligence, refinement and efficiency of production process.

Service Network

Four regional strategies, offices and outlets all over the country's large and medium-sized cities

Products are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries

Headquarters: Xiamen, Fujian, China